Is it just me but I don’t understand why there is this sudden fascination with neck tattoos. I have nothing against having a tattoo or two or many, shoot I have one. Got one my freshman year in college, but I made sure I had it put somewhere that will never be seen by the general public and especially not by my employer.

I’ll admit I’m seen some on girls that aren’t bad. Like those that have something small at the nape of their neck or behind their ear. I don’t feel like those are as harmful because they can be easily covered up by letting your hair down.

The issue I have is with those huge tattoos I see on guys, and occasionally on some girls, that go across the side and front of their necks. I fully understand tattoos are an art form and a freedom of expression but what kind of job are you really going to get with a humongous tattoo on your neck. I couldn’t imagine a kindergarten teacher, or a scientist, or someone who works in an office for that matter with one. In fact, most jobs I’ve had, had a rule in their guide books that said “visible tattoos must be covered.”

Unless you’re a tattoo artist, a rapper, or someone who just doesn’t give a what, I don’t think neck tattoos are a good idea. It’s already hard enough to get a job today without the added stigma of having a monstrous tattoo on your neck. The fact is no matter how nice of a person you are or how professional you are people are going to look at you differently. Why would you want the added stress?

I know some people refuse to conform to society and I don’t have a problem with that. I just feel like it makes their lives more difficult, whether trying to find employment or a future spouse.

It’s a free country and you can do whatever you want, but just remember that that tattoo will last for the rest of your life. How are you going to explain a gigantic tattoo going across your neck saying “Thug Life” to your grandkids. Think about it.