While writing about the domestic violence blog, it made me think if why I try to avoid men who seem crazy or have stalker tendencies. I think it’s important to listen to your inner voice. When you have a conversation with someone and some thing just doesn’t seem right, truth is it probably isn’t.

Last Saturday, I met a man while we were both getting our cars serviced at a local glass place. He seemed to be nice enough. While we talked I learned he was 35, not married, no kids, is an engineer, doesn’t drink, has a townhouse and was in the Air Force. A lot to learn in a 15 minute convo I know. We ended up exchanging numbers, which I rarely do but he seemed to be nice enough.

Later that evening, he calls me asking if I want to go to the movies. I’m thinking to myself, I just met you today what’s the rush. I’m used to getting a call a few days later and making reservations for a date. Needless to say, he was at a friend’s birthday party so I assumed he would be doing that for the rest of the night, I was wrong. He calls me like 3 times from 9-11, desperately trying to go to the movies. The last call was after 11pm, when the last movie within 15 miles started at 11pm. I told him it was too late, maybe another time.

The next morning he texts me three, yes THREE, times with the last message asking me “have you thought about me.” Then he followed up with a voicemail telling me, not asking me, to call him that evening. When I received that message, I was like there’s something wrong with this guy. Some people out there may think those comments sounded harmless. If you just met someone less than 24 hours before, would you really ask them if they thought about you? Or would you tell them to call you, I definitely wouldn’t.

So a week later, this guy has called me, left long voicemail messages like we’ve been dating for years and texted me every SINGLE morning. He called me this morning at 10:45 saying to call him so we could meet for breakfast. First of all, I haven’t responded to his attempts at trying to communicate with me in a week. Second of all, who tells someone they’ve never been out with to meet them for breakfast, at almost 11 o’clock. That’s just strange. Shortly after, I received a missed call from a blocked number, I’m sure it was him.

It’s interesting that some people say to just ignore him and not respond to his messages. Others say to call him and just tell him that I’m not interested. I feel like when you’re dealing with someone who seems to be somewhat unstable or even crazy, it would be better just not to respond. A response to people like him would indicate interest in his mind.

Unfortunately, I’ve had some stalkers before, nothing that endangered my life but it’s not a good feeling. Ladies we have to be careful. Sure this guy could just be lonely or he could be crazy, but I don’t want to find out either way. Always trust your gut feeling because you just never know.