Can I just say I am so tired of the media’s portrayal of people of color, more specifically those who are uneducated? Whenever something negative happens in the black community they seem to always find the most inarticulate Black/Hispanic person they can find to speak on what happened. At first I used to laugh and think to myself where in the world did they find these people, but enough is enough.

Living in the DC area, I find it interested that there’s always something happening around Howard University, whether positive or negative, but they can never interview the students or professors who live in the area. They had to find Pookie or June Bug who’s accent is so thick you can’t even understand what they are saying or they’re just there to get on camera. When you can understand them, what they say doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

Recently, all the media attention was given to people who were outraged about Popeye’s running out of chicken during the $4.99 special. It would be too easy for the media to just show the long lines inside of the stores and in the drive-thrus. In one segment shot in Rochester, NY, they interviewed nearly 10 people and asked them questions like why they were angry and what were they going to do about it to further incite the ignorance. (I was going to post the URL but I didn’t want it to get anymore hits) One gentleman they interviewed said, “I was just trying to buy food for my family.” Really, sir? When he said that all I could do was shake my head. If he was really trying to be responsible, for $5 he could get a whole rotisserie chicken from the grocery store not some greasy, fried chicken to further clog his families arteries. But that’s another story…

I still think it’s interesting that when Denny’s had their Free Grand Slam a few weeks ago, there wasn’t all this publicity. As soon as the media heard Popeye’s was offering discounted fried chicken they jumped at the chance to cover the story all across the country hoping that something would happen. And it did!

For me it’s embarrassing to always see people of color portrayed in either a negative light or simply as fools. It’s like as much as America tries to be such a progressive country, some things never change. True, some people just don’t know better and when they get on camera it’s going to show, but it isn’t right that the media always has to target these people. We should stop laughing at the foolishness and figure out a way to discontinue the negative perceptions other have about us. Until this happens, we will remain the butt of the media’s jokes. And I’m not laughing.