I don’t know what it is but many men from the Mid-Atlantic region seem to have what I like to call the “Cream of the Crop” mentality. They are well-educated, have good jobs, are successful, typically have never been married nor have kids. Sure they have a lot going for them and they look great on paper but their personalities leave much to be desired.

These men have been [treated] spoiled by so many women that their egos make them think they are so much better than everyone else. What gets me is I’ve met many who are not afraid to tell you that they know they are the cream of the crop.

When I first moved back to the DC area, I was not used to this new type/breed of man. I’ve encountered a few of them but although they are handsome and look great on paper, I’m immediately turned off. I still cannot see why so many women allow themselves to be used by these men.

Living in the South, I had become accustomed to chivalrous behavior and dating men who were humble about their looks, financial stability and success. Living here, is another story. These men are quick to tell you if you aren’t willing to cater to them, there are plenty of women out there who will. And the sad thing is, that’s so true. There are so many beautiful and successful women out there who are willing to do whatever it takes to get one of these men. They will compete with other women to get what they want and it seems like the men encourage this behavior. These types of men aren’t looking to settle down, they are just out there to play games and to see how far women are really willing to go.

Another thing is there are many “single” married men out there who also fall into the cream of the crop mentality. Although they claim to be happilly married, they are still on the prowl and you’ll see them out every week trying to pick up women. I’ve had several friends who’ve dated married men. What made the situation more disturbing was not only did they know the man was married, but they just didn’t care. Are women really becoming that desperate for the love/attention of a man?

Don’t get me wrong, when I’m in a relationship I cater to my man but I’m not going to or willing to compete with other women who are also catering to the same man. That further encourages their behavior and justifies why they think being in noncommittal relationships is okay. I really hope this mentality is just a phase, if not, I’m scared for the future.