So I’ve been single and dating for a few months now and have had some time to reflect on certain aspects of my previous relationships and what I’m looking for in the next one. Sometimes when we are in a relationship we try to overlook certain things for the good of the partnership, but it’s important to know what our must haves and can’t stands are.

I’m working on compiling a list of deal breakers. I think it’s important everyone outlines what these are for themselves so we don’t continue to accept certain traits or characteristics that are unacceptable to us. By accepting them we aren’t being true to ourselves or our partners.

My Top 10 Deal Breakers

  • Lying
  • Selfishness
  • Arrogance
  • Has more than one baby’s mama (prefer none but an ex-wife is acceptable)
  • Has been married more than once
  • Anger Management issues/Controlling Behavior
  • Over Critical of Others
  • Lacks Motivation
  • Lives At Home (with Parents/Family member, either way not paying rent or a mortgage)
  • Lacks Independence (Mama’s Boys. Please don’t give me the “I’m not a Mama’s boy, I love my Mama” excuse we all know what that means, 🙂 )

Please feel free to comment on mine and share your own relationship deal breakers, I would love to hear what others have to say.