An open letter to single women frustrated with dating the wrong guys…Monday, May 04, 2009

Hey Girlfriend,

Can I ask you something personal? Be honest…Have you ever dated the type of guy that left you constantly waiting by the phone with an uneasy sick feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Or a guy who made you feel bad about yourself, but for some reason you couldn’t leave him? (Of course, that same guy, at times, also made you feel like you were the only person on this planet – you know, that “hot-cold” type).

And have you ever walked into a club and found yourself so attracted to one particular guy, you felt like you were in a trance and literally couldn’t stop making eyes with him?Blah, blah, blah….we’ve all been there done that, DATED THE WRONG GUY!

But it makes me wonder – why are you single and somewhat frustrated with the dating scene when your twenties and thirties are supposed to be the best years of your life?You see, this whole topic has me thinking,

“Did I miss my large dating pool – the college years?!?!”When else are you around that large of a mixture of males?Girls/females/young ladies are groomed to keep their eye on the prize, GET THAT PIECE OF PAPER! You think the guys in school are immature/shallow/not ready to commit (insert whatever adjective here) anyway, so its not a big deal.

After tons of dollars spent, you graduate, your family and friends are proud of you, but now you’re focused on getting a great job. If you’re like most women, you have a nice handful of female friends that took the alternate route in college – met a nice guy and got married. But even they reminisce on the what ifs.So you find yourself asking, “Now what?”

Are you a twenty something woman in dating hell?

I would be interested to hear what other women/men in their 20s/30s have to say about this letter.