So it’s spring time again and love is in the air. Well, not really, at least not this year for me. Over the past few weeks I’ve been approached by some interesting men, both young and old. It’s so interesting to me that some men seem to get a kick out of trying to put their feelers out there to see who they can catch. They will say anything and everything.

Last week one guy walked up to my from behind and was like I love your smile. Umm what? This fool didn’t even see what I looked like, I could’ve looked like a gremlin for all he knew. Another guy starred at me then kept giving me the come hither look, nope that’s not going to work either. Or my favorite you see the guy talking to a young lady a few steps away from you, then he tries to make conversation with you like you didn’t just see him get the other young lady’s number. Some guy’s are so oblivious.

Here’s what’s not going to work when trying to approach me: invading my personal space and/or touching me; bragging about materials things you think will impress me (i.e. your new Bentley or Rolex) or name dropping; the second question you ask after asking my name is “what do you do?”; if you’re shorter than me, wear colored contacts, or have on a tight shirt or skinny jeans don’t even think about it. There are lots more things that would stop the approach from moving to the exchanging numbers phase, but I’ll stop there.

Every women wants to be treated like a lady. Some guys fail to realize this and they wonder why they attract the chickheads (loose, classless girls). Real women want a guy to come up to them give them some type of compliment whether it’s about what they’re wearing or what you’ve noticed about them that makes them more appealing than the other women around. Originality is definitely a plus. We like for a man to look us in the eyes while we’re conversing. If a man doesn’t look you in the eye, better believe you can’t trust him.

Women are sizing men up from the minute he makes his approach. If the conversation is awkward or he speaks poor grammar or if he’s wearing something that’s not age appropriate (picture a 40 year old man wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt & True Religion jeans, no!), it’s not going any further. I’m not saying that we are shallow but most women have certain expectations as to what they’re looking for.

When I meet someone, I’m looking at him as a potential husband. Of course, I’d never admit that to someone I just met, but it’s true. If the approach is all wrong, I know immediately that he’s not the one for me and he will not be getting my number or business card. They say you have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Men remember that when you are trying to approach a real lady.