Plain Janes have been the topic du jour lately. My friend and I were having a conversation about why we don’t understand why men choose the Plain Jane type of girl versus a cute one. Everyone’s seen a nice looking man or woman and they’re married to a not-so-pleasing-on-the-eyes person. You wonder what they see in that person and we always assume, it’s because they must have a nice personality.

The other day my girlfriend and I sat at the bar trying to come to grips with why men seem to prefer Plain Janes. I guess we were louder than we thought because we drew the attention of a man sitting near us who felt the need to jump into the conversation.

We invited him into the conversation and asked him, if all things were equal (i.e. education, personality, interests) would he rather have a hot girl or a Plain Jane. Without hesitation he said he’d prefer a Plain Jane. Both of us looked at each other and thought WTH? As our conversation progressed he said that he would prefer the Plain Jane anyday because he felt she would be more willing to accept him and that he felt those types of girls are usually nicer and are willing to do more for her man. He said in his experience the hot girls he met were bitches and usually materialistic. He also said that a Plain Jane could be made hot, I’m not sure about that but okay.

The whole conversation got me thinking that maybe what I’m looking for is a Plain James. I’ve always said I’m looking for a “regular” guy with a stable job, some drive and ambition, and a nice personality, you know the baiscs. Who needs all the swagger (By the way, I hate that word and any form of it but in this situation it best describes what I’m talking about). I’m not looking for a guy who takes longer to get ready than I do. I’m not looking for a guy who knows what designer shoes and handbag I’m carrying or what kind of watch I’m wearing. I don’t want a flashy guy that makes all the ladies turn their heads. I want a normal, decent guy, a regular Plain James.

The only problem is I don’t know where to find one. They don’t seem to go out or maybe they don’t go where I go. The places I go alot of the men tend to be very pretentious and arrogant. These are not the kind of man who would be willing to even think about committing himself to one woman. These men expect to be chased and I don’t have time for games nor do I have any desire to approach and chase men.

So really, where can I meet my Plain James? Can I find him at the library, the local T.G.I. Fridays or Outback, at the grocery store? Someone has to know.