If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a moody man or one that’s hot and cold. Really, I thought it was women who had the hormone issues and could switch from happy-go-lucky to mean and nasty within a matter of seconds. Men what is the deal?

My most recent ex-boyfriend was moody. Another one of my exes was moody. I tried to deal with it but after a while, I was like seriously, I need for you to get yourself together. I’m usually a pretty upbeat person, despite what I may be going through. I’m rarely your Debbie Downer who’s always complaining about this that and the other.

So one of the guys I’m dating now although I wouldn’t necessarily call him moody, he is hot and cold. When we go out he’s one way, very flirty, gives me compliments, and very chatty. On the phone, it’s like he’s another person. He’s always preoccupied with something like cleaning up or ironing his clothes for the next day. There are often awkward moments of silence, where I’m like “Hello, are you still there?” He’ll snap out of it, but then he’ll go back to what he’s doing while I struggle to make conversation to take his mind off of whatever else he’s doing.

It’s kind of frustrating because when we’re together (in person) everything is great, I get his undivided attention but on the phone he’s cold. The conversation always turns into me saying, “If you’re busy, I can call you later.” It’s gotten to a point where I rarely call him, I wait for him to call me because he’s always busy doing something around his house and I feel like I’m interrupting him.

Has anyone experienced something like this? How did/do you handle it? Guys, does this mean anything or am I just thinking too much into it?