Last weekend I went down to Atlanta to assist my stepmother with a health & wellness conference she was putting on. After saying that I was done trying to maintain a cordial relationship with my ex-boyfriend from 2 years, I broke down and called him just to say hi. I mentioned that I would be in town and he volunteered to pick me up from the airport. I told him that I was ok and didn’t need a ride but he insisted and said he wanted to show me his new place.

At the airport he pulls up to the baggage claim area, helps me with my bag, and opens the door for me to get into the car. He didn’t give me the too close for an ex-bf, uncomfortable “I still want you” hug so I was thinking maybe he’s finally gotten over me and we can finally have a normal relationship.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been getting random emails, text messages and phone calls from him asking what was up with us. I’d say nothing and that we were over and wouldn’t hear from him for a few weeks. Then like clockwork he’d be back to his antics and start contacting me again like it was nothing.

So we leave the airport and he tells me he wants me to check out his new spot in Buckhead. I’d already been in the building and seen what the units looked like but I figured I’d be nice since he did give me a ride from the airport. He was also proud of having his new place, since it meant he was out of his parent’s house (he seems to like living at with his parents).

We get to his place, it’s nicely decorated definitely a bachelor pad but you can tell his Mama decorated it and he shows me around. So we sit and chat for a minute. Next thing I know he’s all up in my personal space. I tell him I’m ready to go, then he tells me that I’m acting crazy and I should chill out. I’m like excuse me, I guess I haven’t made myself clear over the last two years. I pick up my handbag and stand by his front door until he gets the hint that it’s really not going down and I was really ready to leave.

The walk back to the parking garage was full of him ranting about how he felt as if I’m always using him and how I don’t respect him. Truthfully, I have done my share of “using” him but that’s because he let me. He could never say no to me and I used that to my advantage during the 3 years that we were together. We get in the car and he’s still going at it, so by this time I’ve tuned him out and am just sitting there in silence. Some things just don’t change. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy who will make someone a great husband, but it’s not going to be me.

I don’t understand why he can’t move on with his life. It’s been over a year since we last saw each other and we haven’t been in a relationship in two years. I can’t believe he’s so delusion to think that I’m sitting around not dating anyone. He knew that I had a boyfriend and that I’ve been dating, so I don’t know why he thinks we can just go back to the way things were.

We finally get to where I was staying and this fool decides he’s going to drop my bag at the door then jumps back into his car and skids off. Some time during the wee hours of the morning he sends me a text saying that I let a good man slip through my hands. I’m thinking are you serious? Honestly, it’s been over TWO years since I broke up with him. How many times can I say that we haven’t been together since 2007! So I respond with I’m sure you’ll make someone happy one day, sorry to say it’s just not going to be me. I hate to be like that but he really needs to move on with his life and stop thinking we’re magically going to get back together because that’s never going to happen. What is it with some men, that they don’t have the ability to let go?