Last night I watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” for the first time with a guy I’m dating. Watching the movie made me realize how clueless people, whether male or female, are when it comes to dating.

Being on the dating circuit for the last few months, I’ve had my share of great, exciting dates and fortunately I’ve only had a couple of terrible ones that ended with a “It was meeting you,” which meant goodbye and good riddance.

I’ve realized it’s really not that easy to let someone down gently. Some guys can accept when you tell them that you don’t think it’s going to work, others have to be given hints until they eventually figure it out for themselves. Below is my list of signs that I’m just not that into him…

  • If he calls me and I don’t respond for a few days, and I respond via text message.
  • If he asks for my number and we exchange business cards but I don’t give him my cell #.
  • If when he calls, I always say let me call you back but never do.
  • If when he calls, he’s doing all the talking and all I’m saying is “mmm-hmm”, “ok”, “if you say so”.
  • If when he calls, I put him on speaker phone and all he’s hears is me pressing the keys while texting on my Blackberry.
  • If he sends me a long text message and my response is a one word answer.
  • If we’ve gone on more than 2 dates and when he goes in for the kiss I turn my head.
  • If he tries to hug me and I extend my hand for a handshake.