I truly can’t stand, or better yet I despise, the Rev. Al Sharpton. Out of respect, I will refrain from referring to him as “Big Perm” as I’ve been known to in the past. He’s an utter embarrassment to me as a Black person and he does not represent me nor anything that I stand for.

As I sat and watched the memorial service held for Michael Jackson yesterday, I felt sick to my stomach when ole Al got up to speak. All I could think was what foolishness is he going to spew from his mouth today. So as I sat there thinking, wait for it…he dropped the bomb. He looks towards Michael Jackson’s children and says “I want you three children to know, what’n nuttin strange about your Daddy.” (You can see the Video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MAKLq865bk, he makes the comment at 5:21)

Really Al? Everyone was sensitive to the family and did their best to keep the mood light and positive. But there he goes with his controversial commentary. Maybe I’m being critical because I can longer see past his ignorance or need for self-promotion but he really could’ve worded what was supposed to be positive message to make his point sound less harsh. Instead, he made a point of drawing a reaction from the crowd in usual Al Sharpton-fashion.

Seriously, did he really think that was appropriate to say to someone’s grieving children? Did he think it was appropriate to make a comment like that which would be heard by millions, if not billions, of people all over the world?

Why do people keep encouraging him? Why do people call on him to speak at any event where there’s going to be media scrutinizing his every word and action? I just hope “others” realize that he does not speak for all Black people. In all respect, I know he’s done his part in bringing discrimination issues to the media (i.e. Jena 6 and any other racial injustice that would allow him to stand on his pulpit to have his 30 seconds of fame). Will someone please tell Al Sharpton it’s someone else’s turn to be in the spotlight and hopefully someone who’s a little more articulate and is more representative of the black community as a whole! To the Rev. Al Sharpton, I wish you’d just go sit down somewhere and be quiet for a change!