So this morning, I was sitting at my desk and scrolling through my tweets when one came up from one of my Sorors on Twitter. She posted a link to an article called:

Marriage eludes high-achieving black women
Many remain single and childless, according to new research

I’d suggest all unmarried, educated Black women read it! Although I knew the statistics regarding black women and marriage are discouraging, this is the first time I’ve read such an in-depth article about it, and one written by a White man at that. As I read the article, I began to think about the conversations I have with my friends on what seems to be a weekly basis these days. We’re always talking about how we want to be married, we want to have children, but we’re waiting on finding that Prince Charming.

It’s gotten to a point where I wonder if I’ll be able to find a man, or should I say a Black man, who has the qualities I’m looking for in a husband. I know, I’m not quite over the hill yet, I just turned 29 but single life is for the birds. I’d love to be happily married, cooking dinner every night (ok maybe not every night but a few times a week), and have a family. When my Mother & Father were my age, they’d been married for 4 years and my Mom had just given birth to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing myself to my parents because they came about in a different era, but the thought that I will be over 30 when I get married is daunting. That means I won’t have kids until well after that. Studies continue to show the chances of conceiving after 30 drop significantly.

Like in my previous post, Why Settle, I don’t think I’d ever settle, but there comes a time when you have to sacrifice some of what you want, for what you need. I’ve been joking lately that I’m going to start dating “others” and by that I mean someone who is other than Black. It’s not that all of my life I’ve limited myself to only dating Black men, it’s just I rarely get approached by other men. Oh I’ve had my share of looks by the others, but they never act on it. Maybe I need to put myself out there so there are more opportunities for me to find an other.

Sure, I’d always thought that I’d find that Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome, but that may not be in my plans. I’m going to start being more receptive to new things, because maybe there’s something else out there for me. Maybe I need to start looking for my Something New.