Have you ever met someone who never knows what to say out of their mouth? That person who just never knows when to stop? Or even that person who wants to provide you with every irrelevant detail of every situation? I’ve encountered one too many of these people over the last few weeks.

I met a guy through the program that I mentor with CollegeBound. He’d always speak when we saw each other every week but it was nothing. At the end of the school year he asked me for my business card, so I gave it to him. We ended up going to lunch at the beginning of summer and every since he’s been emailing me, usually on a daily basis. He’s a nice guy and all but his emails have been kind of strange lately. He’ll go on and on (via email fortunately) about stuff that I could careless about. In one he said “I think, I think about you too much.” Umm okay. First, what kind of response does someone give to a comment like that? Second, that sounds like something you think, not something you say.

Another example, I was at a workshop and during the luncheon was seated next to a young lady. Throughout lunch, she went from one story to another without coming up for air. Her story started off with her talking about her daughter and how she was a miracle child. That was all well and good until she felt the need to go into details. The story soon evolved into how she was diagnosed with some rare disease before she got pregnant and was told she’d never have children; to literally being stabbed in the back by a childhood friend (came within a few inches of her heart); to having a blood clot while she was pregnant that nearly killed her, to being in a car accident. There were other stories but after a while I just completely tuned her out and eventually had to excuse myself from the table.

The ironic part of this whole story is she quit her day job to become a motivational speaker. Seriously, what would make her think she could motivate people when her stories went from tragedy to tragedy? I think what she had to say would have been more meaningful if she stuck with only ONE sad story and then what she did to overcome it. Strangers don’t want to hear every bloody, gory detail about your surgeries and accidents. It’s totally unnecessary.

People fail to realize that everyone is not interested in hearing each and everything that you have to say. No one is that concerned with all the minute details, and even more so if it’s coming from someone you barely know. I wish people would live by the saying, most things are better left unsaid.

For those who’ve encountered these people, how did you handle them? Did you tell them they were giving up TMI or did you just let them go on and on? There has to be a polite way to let these people know that enough is enough.