While watching the Today Show the other morning, a segment ran on the uproar over First Lady Michelle Obama wearing shorts during a recent family vacation to the Grand Canyon.

Critics were up in arms over the First Lady wearing shorts as she stepped off of Air Force One. First of all, Michelle Obama is known for being a trend-setter. She is known for wearing sleeveless dresses and showing her well-toned arms. Why would anyone question her decision to wear shorts while on a family getaway? What concern is that to the general population? Absolutely none!

People have to realize Michelle was on a family trip at the Grand Canyon. She was on a vacation, not in another country meeting foreign dignitaries. Also, Michelle is a Mother of two small children, why should she not be allowed to dress comfortably while with her family. According to one news segment, temperatures reached the 100 degree mark that day. Seriously, who really expected her to be wearing a designer suit in that heat and at the Grand Canyon.

Some people will never be happy with having The Obamas in the White House so they will do everything in their power to defame them over the most insignificant, trivial things. I wish those people would get over themselves and realize that we are in a new day, change has come and he’s here to stay!