After trying to preoccupy myself with other things, I finally gave in and turned on the Larry King interview featuring Chris Brown, accompanied by his Mother and his attorney Mark Geragos (a celebrity lawyer who represented Michael Jackson and Winona Ryder).

While I realize the purpose of the interview was his attempt, a failed one at best, to clear the air and discuss what really happened that night between he and Rihanna, all I could think about was that powder sweater with that darn matching bow tie. It even made #1 trending topic on Twitter #chrisbrownsbowtie.

Clearly, someone thought that would be a good look for him. Between his poor use of grammar and that bow tie, I could not take a word he had to say seriously. He lost what little credibility he had left after mispronouncing one too many words. Since I didn’t see the whole interview, it was only a waste 25 or so minutes of my life. From what I saw, I’m pretty sure it did nothing to help his career, if anything it just made him look worst. Whoever had the bright idea for him to wear that silly bow tie and sweater did absolutely nothing to soften his image.

We all know people make mistakes and deserve to be forgiven. No matter what Chris Brown says or does, his reputation has been forever tarnished. He will continue to be remembered as that singer who beat up Rihanna. My advice for Chris would be to invest in a speech coach who would enable him to better articulate what happened, he’d be a little better off. He should consider hiring some of R. Kelly’s people, mainly his attorney and his publicist, they did wonders for his career. Chris Brown has to overcome a lot of hurdles before he has a remote chance at making a comeback.