Don’t worry, this post does not have anything to do with Tyler Perry’s latest movie. I just thought the title was perfect for the topic. A few months ago, I wrote a blog about Settling and why I would never settle.

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of my friends appear to be settling. I don’t know if it’s because we’re approaching the ripe age of 30 and we feel like it’s time to settle down just to say that we have somebody. Maybe it’s because our biological clocks are ticking and we feel like the older we get the harder it will be to have children. Many of my friends are dating guys now that a few years ago they would never in a million years have gone for.

I understand that sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things that you want in a relationship, but if the person you’re dating is not doing anything to make you a better person, what’s the point? To hear some of my friends talk about how their man won’t do this or won’t do that, how he’s controlling and always questions where she’s been and where she’s going, and those who’ve been dating a guy for years and knows she doesn’t plan on marrying him. I just don’t understand why some women would rather be with someone just for the sake of having someone. Why be content with someone who doesn’t make you happy? If you feel that way now, things aren’t going to change just because you get married. Marriage does not change things.

I’m not saying that they should be unrealistic in their expectations and set their sights on finding that one perfect man, but why waste time and energy on someone who’s thoughts, goals, and interests aren’t aligned with your own? In my experience if you’re in an unhappy or unproductive relationship, leave it. By continuing to stay with the wrong person, you’re allowing yourself to miss out on meeting someone who’s really meant for you. I know I wouldn’t want to be involved with a man who’s no good for me, because truthfully I can do bad all by myself.