I’m a strong proponent of personal hygiene. It kills me that some people either do not take personal hygiene seriously or they just don’t know. There have been too many times I’ve encountered people who’ve had personal hygiene issues like body odor, bad breath (halitosis), yellow plaque build up on their teeth.

I’m not trying to be critical but how do you not know that you stink? How do you look in the mirror and not notice the yellow plaque or decay surrounding your teeth? Before you get offended, I’m not talking about people who are homeless or those who may be less fortunate, I’m talking about people who are gainfully employed with health and dental benefits.

I’ve always wanted to know what’s the best way to let a friend or associate know that they’re not smelling so fresh? Or how do you tell someone who’s always in your face that their breath isn’t so pleasant. It’s such a hard topic to address. You can talk to them about your thoughts on life with the greatest of ease but when it comes to discussing topics like personal hygiene, it’s a hard subject to approach tactfully without someone’s feelings getting hurt.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were out with someone and noticed something didn’t smell quite right and you could tell others noticed it too? It seems wrong to just keep letting it slide and hoping it will go away especially if they are a repeat offender. As a friend you would kindly tell them if their outfit wasn’t cute or you thought they needed a hair style that could better suit them, but when it comes to B.O. it’s another story.
My fear is by not addressing concerns to a friend, it could be holding back important information since in some cases body odors can be an indication of other health-related problems. After doing a little research body odors can signal illnesses such as intestinal obstruction, overactive thyroid, metabolic disorders, kidney failure, just to name a few.
I’d be interested to hear how others have approached this subject. What was the end result? Did your friend thank you for letting them know about their “issue” or were they salty?