This post was inspired by a recent tweet from one of the amazing women I follow on Twitter. @StaciJShelton: Don’t back away from love just because it doesn’t come from the source you planned.

That statement stuck out because it’s so true. I think as women we get so caught up in finding Mr. Right we look past the Mr. Not-So-Perfects. As always, I don’t believe in settling but I do think we need to be more perceptive of those around us. I think about all the guys I passed up over the years for one petty reason or another. Maybe he wasn’t tall enough, maybe he could stand to lose a few pounds, maybe his teeth were a little jacked up, maybe he couldn’t dress, maybe he made corny jokes, there were so many maybes.

Now I think back and remember how sweet he was, how he’d do anything for me, how supportive he was and how I refused to see all the great qualities he possessed because I was so focused on finding that one perfect man who had everything I imagined I could have ever wanted. I was oblivious to the fact we got along great and had similar goals, all I could see were his minor imperfections. Now I still have my list of must haves and can’t stands but they are more realistic these days.

I can think of one male friend that I’ve known for years. I’ve known him since high school, we went to college together and live near each other. When I think back over the years, I always knew he had a thing for me but I never allowed myself see him as more than just a friend. I could call him anytime of the day or night and ask him to do something and he’d do it, just because he cares that much about me. Who knows if we’ll ever hook up but I think now I’m more open to seeing him for what he really is, a great guy who has practically all of the qualities I’m looking for and treats me like a princess.

I’m finally opening my eyes to realize that I shouldn’t shy away from finding and accepting true love because of trivial reasons. The ideal man for me may not be perfect but he’ll perfectly complete me.