Today there was a hilarious hashtag on Twitter called #LoseMyNumber. For those who aren’t familar with Twitter hashtags, they are used in tweets to let other users know the topic at hand. If people tweet a certain word or hashtag enough times, it becomes a trending topic. So today, I decided to post some of the funny or creative responses I saw in response to #LoseMyNumber. Enjoy!

@pretyislandgirl: If I make up an excuse to hang up with u every time u call! #losemynumber

@CachaiDenise: #LoseMyNumber if you think you gone talk 2 me and my friend -Preach

@_ChrisJacobs_: If you are a negative person and always complain about everything just #losemynumber…

@lovelyladynikki: #losemynumber if your voicemail says call back after 9pm when my minutes are free. How bout not!

@mshautecouture #losemynumber if u can’t follow through on the things you say you’ll do

@ririesq: #losemynumber if you stay on your phone when you’re with me…Put the phone down.

@IHEARTMIKO: #losemynumber if u call urself my friend but u talk behind my back & wont admit it when i confront u.

@justbeinghill: #losemynumber If you dont know any lines from COMING TO AMERICA… “See Im washing lettuce, next its fries!” LOL

@Igetsfresh: #losemynumber if I haven’t answered your calls or responded to your texts in 2 months…Its called a HINT…try catching it

@FarajiFTW: #losemynumber —>>> Oops..I changed it on you