Today I went on a first date with this guy I met a few weeks ago.  We both mentor with the same program and we ended up going out for drinks one day after a mentoring session.  We had a great conversation that evening and seemed to have a lot in common.   The next time I saw him he suggested we go out on a date. 

He asked me to meet him at his place so he could drive on our date.  I was pleasingly surprised by his place.  Not only was it large for a DC townhome but it was nicely furnished.  We ended up going to brunch at this spot called Creme.  It was cool we chatted about everything from traveling to what we like to do for fun.  Everything was cool until I noticed him looking down and it seemed as if he was texting.  He later said “excuse me” and explained to me why he was texting at the table so I let that one pass. 

After that he started showing me pictures on his iPhone from when he went surfing in Australia (if you’re wondering, yes he’s Black) which included a picture of him in a wetsuit.  Then out of nowhere he mentions that his ex-girlfriend, who was super religious, was offended that he posted pictures of him in his wetsuit on Facebook.  First I was thinking to myself that’s a random comment and second, who brings up an ex on a first date?  He then asked me if I was over the top religious and went into detail about how his ex turned overly religious (whatever that means) during the course of their relationship.  I think I said something to change the subject because I didn’t like where the conversation was going and didn’t want to go down that road of talking about exes.

All in all the date went well.  You can really learn alot about a person during the course of six hours.  Fortunately, there were other things about the date that I appreciated the fact that he opened the doors whether it was the car or walking into the restaurant.  Also when walking down the street he always walked on the outside of the sidewalk.  It’s the small things that matter most.  Despite the first date faux pas, I’m a sucker for chivalry so I think I’ll give him another chance. 

Below is a list I compiled of some first date don’ts for both men and women to follow.

First Date Faux Pas:
1.) NEVER talk about an ex on a first date
2.) Stay away from topics like religion and politics
3.) Do not text/email/tweet/send Facebook status updates in the presence of your date
4.) Never order for your date
5.) Staring at other women/men
6.) Don’t share too much information
7.) Don’t brag (If you have to say “Not to brag but…” clearly you are bragging)
8.) Discuss any medical conditions or financial issues
9.) Don’t be overly critical
10.) Don’t ask interrogation-like questions