There are only a few words that make my skin crawl and the word “female” is one of them. Recently, I met this guy our initial conversation was cool. He seemed like he would be fun so we exchanged numbers. During our first phone conversation he asked me questions and before I even had the chance to answer he said, “So are you one of those females…” I said excuse me and asked him what he meant. He continued to explain different types of “females” that he encountered. The whole time I was thinking to myself there’s clearly a reason why he’s 41 and has never been married.

When I tweeted about my discontent with the F-word, I was glad to see that the women who follow me all had adverse reactions to the word while the men thought there was nothing wrong with it.  When the men saw that we took offense to the term many of them said they never thought about it and they didn’t realize the negative connotation the word presented.  One of my followers, who is a young woman, simply said “I think when they [meaning boys or men] say it they’re really using it instead of bitch.”  I could not have agreed with her more.

To me the F-word shows a lack of respect.  When I think of male or female it’s only referring to an animal not a human being.  In my book, the only time it’s acceptable to refer to people as male/female is when those in law enforcement are giving a general description of someone.

Use of male/female in everyday conversation signals a lack of maturity.  It’s so much easier to say boy/girl, man/woman, or even guy/lady. It wouldn’t even sound right if someone said “Aww what a cute little female, she’s adorable” or “The male next door asked to borrow a cup of sugar.”

Classic example “We went to a party and there were some bad females there.” Anytime I hear “female” it’s always used in a manner that bitch could be used interchangeably. If I meet a man and he uses the F-word, he’s automatically crossed off the list.  There are just some words grown men shouldn’t use and the word “female” is one of them.  To the boys and men who use the F-word, expand your vocabulary please.