Sometimes I wonder if men have a biological clock.  Out of the blue this morning I get a call from an old “friend” I hadn’t spoken to since early this year. The only reason, I answered his call was because I’ve known him since college and we have some history together.

He proceeds to tell he how much he’s missed me and how he wants to fly out from Houston to DC to see me.  He gives me this whole soliloquy about how he wants to know if I’m ready to make a long term commitment to be with him.  The whole time I’m like what is this fool talking about, first of all it’s too early to be talking crazy and second it’s been 9 months since we’ve even exchanged an email. 

He tells me about how one of his friends from college came to visit him over the weekend.  This was his buddy and both of them were such players in school.  Now his boy has settled down and is married with kids.  He goes on and on about how I’m the perfect woman for him and how he’s always thought that.  Truthfully, he has always said that even in college when we were just friends and I was dating other guys.  But then like now, I still don’t believe him.

Last time I visited him which was in February, we had a great time but within weeks of my return, he was back to his usual antics.  I ended up telling him I was done with him for good and that I would appreciate it if he would stop contacting me.

So fast forward to now, after his happily married friend comes to visit he’s calling again.  This leads me to wonder if men have a biological clock.  Is there some point when they notice all of their friends are married and finally decide they want to give up the bachelor lifestyle for a more stable one?