Recently, I noticed there seems to be a pattern in the men I date.  Whether it was something casual or something long term they all have certain similarities. This leads me to believe I attract the same man over and over again.

They are always pretty attractive, clean cut men with professional jobs.  They tend to have one or more degrees.  They drive either a Nissan (usually an Ultima) or a Honda (usually an Accord), strange I know but true.  Their parents are still happily married and have been so for 30+ years.  They have an older sister.   They’ve never been married nor have any kids.  They believe in chivalry and know how to treat a lady like a lady.  They always seem so on top of things both personally and professionally.  They sound like great men right, but they all seem to have commitment issues.

Fortunately, I’ve never dated anyone abusive, controlling or obsessive.  I have met a few with stalker tendencies but I cut those off immediately.  I just seem to date the ones who seem to be too good to be true and after investing time they show their true colors.

Things always start off great then one day out of the blue he realizes it’s too much for him and decides he needs “to get his life together.”  I always use that term because I can still remember when my college boyfriend said that our senior year after dating for 2 years.  Since then I’ve heard it phrased in a number of ways, but the meaning is always the same.

While I have broken off a few relationships, usually it’s the man who decides he needs time or his space.  Anyone have any advice of what I can do to attract a different type of man because this is getting old.  I’m tired of meeting what seems to be my ideal man over and over again to only be let down in the end.