I’m so tired of being the nice, calm person who is always easy to get along with.  I’m always the one who is polite, smiling, laughing and generally a nice person.  I try to be positive and provide words of encouragement when it’s needed.  With that said, I’m tired of being nice.

I’m thinking about doing an experiment and try out being in b*tch mode for a few days just to see how it feels and how others treat me in return. It seems like women who act like b*tches get more respect. Just how most women don’t like a man who is “too nice”, I feel like the same thing holds true for men.

The last guy I dated earlier this year told me when we first met he thought I was standoffish but yet he persisted and we ended up dating for several months.  Since then, I’ve made it a point to be nicer and it hasn’t done anything for me except for having a string of one date wonders one after another.

I refuse to play any more games and be nice to men who are clearly just wasting my time.  My new policy is going to be no more second chances for the 2010.

Thinking back on my past long-term relationships, I was not always so nice and the guys I dated loved it.  They’d never admit they loved the fact that I was bossy and required a lot from them.  What ever I asked for I got.  When I look back on my relationship that lasted 3 years, despite the fact I could be mean to him at times, to him I could do no wrong.

I just ordered Why Men Marry Bitches by Sherry Argov.  Not that I need another book on relationships, I’m interested to read more about her theory.  I may end up trying some of the techniques she mentions in my b*tch experiment.  And of course, I’ll blog about it.