While I’ve maintained friendships and am cordial to just about all of my exes, I’ve always been a firmer believer in an ex being an ex for a reason. There’s always a reason why you broke up with someone which is probably the reason why you couldn’t see yourself married to that person.

Fortunately, the reasons why I broke up with my exes or vice versa was because one of us was not ready to take it to the next level or because of long distance. I’m never had to break up with someone because of cheating, physical or mental abuse, or anything like that which is how I’ve been able to remain cordial with most of the exes.

I think another reason why I’m still cool with my exes is because we started off as friends, became best friends, and then became romantically involved after that. Although romantic feelings may have changed over time the friendship that was there initially still remained so we were more focused on seeing the other person happy than to have lingering hurt feelings. I’m not saying that if I’m in a relationship, I’ll be calling an ex everyday. It would be more of a chit chat once a month or so just to check in and see how the other person is doing.

So there’s one ex, that was my first boyfriend in college who I just started talking to a little more frequently. When I think back on our relationship, he was always so attentive, always complimented me and was there whenever I needed him. The only reason why we broke up was because I was immature. It was my first real relationship and when he graduated my sophomore year I knew I couldn’t handle being long distance so I pushed him away. Despite that, over the years he’s always been there for me.

Last week, we went out and I instantly remembered how much fun we always had together. When we sat there talking about whatever random things popped into our heads I missed how easy things were between us and how much we had in common despite growing up in two different worlds.

While I hate to contradict my belief that an ex is an ex for a reason, I’m open to exploring the possibility that a flame could be rekindled with this one. We’ll see.