So the other day as I was leaving my office during lunch time, which I rarely do, I’m minding my business and spot this very attractive man across the corner. He ends up crossing the street and standing right next to me. I found it a little off-putting at first because of his close proximity to where I was standing, but he was gorgeous so I got over it really quick.

Next thing I know we’re chatting like old friends walking downtown, me on the way to run an errand and him on his way to his new apartment. During the conversation, he tells me he just moved to DC from NJ for work. We ended up exchanging numbers and he sent me a text message later that night saying it was nice to meet me.

The next evening he calls and I’m kind of psyched about the call until listening to him talk nonstop for like 30 minutes. The beginning of the conversation was cool. He tells me he’s amazed that I’m not married (yeah yeah, heard that before) and he tells me that he would call someone like me “gift wrapped.” (If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweet about this because I found the comment interesting.) So he proceeds to tell me, “you seem like a gift, I’m sure the inside is just a beautiful as the packaging on the outside.” I guess that was supposed to be sweet.

I remembered he’d told me he moved to DC to start a new job so I figured I’d ask him about it, eventhough I hate the dreaded “What do you do” question. So he goes on and on, eventually I just tuned him out and was like “umm hmm”, “oh really” to act like I was listening. He goes on the say his passion is textile design (kind of random but ok) but he really wants to own a scanning business, like digitizing files. I figured I’d ask him an easier question that would lead to him talking my head off, so I ask him how old he was and was completely shocked. He tells me he’s 45. I was like umm excuse me, that meant he was driving when I was born. I would’ve given him 33, 34 at the oldest, 45 that’s a little old even for me, hey if I was looking for a sugar daddy that would be a perfect age.

Maybe it’s just me but being a nice looking man who’s 45, never been married and has no kids sets off a red flag. When I was telling someone this, he said if the man was divorced with children I would say he had baggage. Honestly, I rather know a man at that age is actually capable of settling down. It just makes me wonder what his deal is why he’s never been married. He attributed it to his moving around a lot. That would make sense to me if you had an actual career path, but when you tell me you were a model then office manager, something doesn’t make sense. He brought up one of his last jobs, so I figured out I asked him about to find out his stability level. He told me he was only there for 1 month. Seriously? I never even had a job for only one month while in college and I’ve had a lot of jobs. It shows he’s not stable. 

I’m sorry but Mr. Forty-Five with no kids, never been married, there’s a problem. He called me the other day and asked me if his age was an issue, which I told him no. Truthfully, it really isn’t. His age only comes into play because of the fact that he’s 45, has been moving from job to job, never been married, has no children and still on the hunt to get rich quick. Don’t get me wrong, I would be fine with supporting my man while he was trying to launch a business, but at that age he really should have his stuff together.

So I’m wondering what age do you think is too old for a man to have never been married and have no kids?  What are your thoughts and experiences on dating older men.