Please take 10 minutes to watch the entire video to see Helena Andrews talk about her upcoming book/movie Bitch is the New Black (BITNB).  The introduction to the interview between Ms. Andrews and Modern Day Matchmaker, Paul Brunson, was absolutely hilarious!  I truly appreciate him taking time to interview her so we can have a clearer understanding about this supposedly controversial new book.

If you’re not familiar with BITNB, here’s the Washington Post article that first highlighted Ms. Andrews and her story. Click here

After doing some research and watching the video, I learned the title, Bitch is the New Black, was derived from a comment Tina Fey (of Saturday Night Live) made in regards to Hillary Clinton when she was running for President of the United States. Fey didn’t mean anything negative by the comment but it caused some controversy.  Additionally, Ms. Andrews did not choose the name of the book herself.

Those who hear the title of the book are often put off and jump to all types of conclusions as to the meaning.  The book, which is scheduled to come out on June 1, 2010, is supposed to be a collection of short stories about beautiful, educated, successful Black women living in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area and their trials and tribulations of being Single. 

I’m not a critic of Ms. Andrews because I can fully relate to her.  I feel as though she’s just bringing to light a collection of stories that women like myself can understand and will find amusing.  It is not meant to focus on the struggles of Black women and the underlying issues as to why we are single (which is all the rage these days), but it’s more to poke humor at our experiences.  I applaude her for writing the book and I look forward to reading it and eventually seeing the movie which is to be produced by Shonda Rhimes (Executive Producer of Grey’s Anatomy).