Last week the weathermen predicted that a huge winter storm was going to impact much of the East coast, with the Washington, DC area being affected the most.  At first, they estimated it would be 8-12″ of snow. 

Since I grew up in MD, I know as little as 2″ can cripple the entire metro area, so I knew it was going to be a repeat of our recent December snow storm that shut down the city.  Surprisingly by Friday, the forecast was updated saying that we should expect around 21-30″. 

In the photo, that’s my car completely submerged under the snow.  I thought about clearing it off but considering they haven’t plowed the street where it’s parked, it wouldn’t make sense to waste time until I can actually walk up to it and dig it out.

So I’ve been staying with the ex-bf at his condo in NE, DC.  Yes, the same one I’ve written about over the past few weeks.  Since he reads my blog now, I feel like I have to censor what I write about him because of other people catching feelings recently. 

Anyway, I’ve been staying at his place since Friday.  I came prepared with tons of food and expected to be snowed in until Saturday evening or Sunday at the latest.  Who knew it would be Tuesday and I’d still be crashing at his place.  Good thing we get along great and enjoy each other’s company.  Eventhough we dated for about 2 years in college, we never spent this much time together.  Can’t believe we’re going on day 5 and there’s been no drama. 

It’s been nice waking up, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner together, playing board games, watching movies and just enjoying spending time together.  Although, I’m almost 30, I’ve never “shacked up” with a guy so I’m not used to spending this much time with one for an extended period of time and in such close quarters.  Being snowed in really limits your contact with the outside world and allows you the chance to really get to know someone even if you think you know everything about them.

I find it interesting that we have yet to get on each other’s nerves.  Unfortunately, we’re expecting another 10-20″ tomorrow so who knows how much longer I’ll be here.  Hopefully, we don’t go stir crazy in the next day or two that we’re snowed in.  We’ll see…