On February 20, the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority won the National Sprite Step Off Competition.  I had never heard of ZTA so I just assumed it was a new Hispanic sorority, little did I know.  As I sat listening to the radio today, local DJ Tigger started joking about the winners of the step contest and kept referring to them as Becky-Phi-Becky.  Of course, I had to laugh but it made me go to YouTube to see what he was talking about.  I can just say I was a little surprised by what I saw.  I posted the video below.

When you go to Sprite’s website (http://www.spritestepoff.com/) one would assume the step contest was for minorities, specifically members of BGLO (Black Greek Letter Organizations) apparently that was just a misconception.  My assumption was based on the fact that every page you visit there is an African-American member of a Greek organization wearing their colors.  I honestly thought Sprite came up with the concept to provide scholarships to deserving young African-American women and men who are members of sororities and fraternities.  Clearly that was not the case. 

While I congratulate the ladies of ZTA for coming in 1st place, I can’t help feel some kind of way about it.  Someone compared them winning to being like “a non-minority winning a minority-only scholarship.”  What are your thoughts?