Ugh! If being a single girl isn’t bad enough, there always has to be some jerk who questions why beautiful, black women are not taken.

Case in point, last Saturday I went to see a film screening of a movie called Marching Band at the historic Lincoln Theatre on U Street with one of my girlfriends.  The film showed student members of two marching bands in Virginia, Virginia State University (an HBCU) and University of Virginia, and their opinions, thoughts and concerns leading up the election of President Barack Obama in November 2008.  For more information about the movie, visit

After the screening, we went next door to Ben’s Next Door (an extension of Ben’s Chili Bowl).  As we sat and waited for a table, 2 seats opened at the bar so my friend and I slide our way onto the barstools.  As we sat there we just talked about life, which always evolves into a discussion about men.  She told me she finally broke things off with this guy she’d been “dating” for about a year.  I put dating in quotes because they were never official.  She knew he was messing around with other women but she let herself get caught up in dealing with the BS and allowing herself to be a part of his harem.  At 36, she’s a few years older than me and she’s let herself get caught up for settling just for the sake of having someone, even if that someone has a team of other women.

As we sat at the bar we were interrupted by this young guy.  He proceeds to introduce himself and interjects his way into our conversation.  Come to find out he’s 26 and he starts going on and on about black women and how so many black women he’s met have these extensive list of what they’re looking for in a man.  I’m not sure what kind of women he’s used to meeting but as for myself and most of my friends, we have just the basic requirements.  He then asked us if we were single.  When we replied yes, he blurted out, “Well, what’s wrong with you?” 

My first thought was really, young man?  Why does there have to be something wrong with a woman if she’s attractive and not married?   I’m perfectly content in enjoying time with my friends and spending my time being involved with organizations and charities that matter to me.  I don’t see a point in staying home and being lonely just pining away for Mr. Right.  I know he’s out there somewhere, he’ll find me when he’s ready.