So I initially began this blog as a way to write about my random experiences in the DC area.  I’ve written about everything from dating, to providing Restaurant Reviews and Things-To-Do in DC, as well as what I call Savvy Tips on shopping and finances.

After going to a few presentations on Blogging and Social Media, I’ve been thinking maybe I should become more focused on one topic and stick to blogging on that particular subject.  Is it okay to have a blog that is very random where one post is about a horrible date, the next is on politics and the next focuses on Community Service?

As a reader of my blog, what do you think?  Which area(s) would you like to see me focus on?  While I am a random person, who can write on practically any topic, I think it’s time for me to focus on one or two subjects, okay maybe even three.

Should I focus on dating/relationships, DC Life & Culture, what’s wrong with the world, current events, etc? Feedback is needed.