Last week I met a wonderful guy.  He seemed nice enough but I couldn’t gauge whether he liked me or not.  That weekend I ended up going to this party.  I’m not really into clubs anymore unless it’s a special occasion but I went to support the organization and in hopes of seeing him again. Just my luck he was there.  

Eventually,we sparked up a conversation.  We ended up chatting for like an hour then he asked me if I wanted to grab something to eat. We left around midnight and ended up going to a restaurant and stayed there until 3AM just talking.  The only reason we ended up leaving was because everyone had left the restaurant and they turned on the lights and shut off the music.

I know it probably sounds corny but there were times when we were just sitting there smiling at each other.  I can’t remember the last time that’s happened with someone I’d just met.  I think we were both pleasantly surprised because we were physically attracted to one another but after talking and getting to know each other, we realized things were even better than we could have imagined.

For our first official date, we went to a wine tasting and then dinner.  It’s nice to have a great date and to be so comfortable with someone you’ve just met.  The only way I could describe how I feel right now is smitten. Next date is to a museum this weekend.  Hopefully, he won’t be another One Date Wonder.