On Saturday, I went on another great date with this guy I’d met the previous week. I had tickets to the International Spy Museum and had never been so I asked him if he wanted to join me.  We spent the afternoon exploring the museum, watching the short films and laughing at some of the most inappropriate things displayed in the museum.  It’s cool that we share a similar sense of humor.

Afterwards, we decided to grab something to eat which proved to be a challenge due to the Washington Capitals hockey game that was going on that day. Everywhere was packed with people wearing red jerseys.  We went from restaurant to restaurant finally we settled on Ella’s Pizza since neither of had been there. 

When we were seated we enjoyed more of the getting to know you conversational questions as well as talked about some of our worst dating stories.  Of course I had to tell him about my worst date of all time, it’s so bad I could never forget it.  He asked me about some of my more recent dates and asked why I thought things didn’t progress between me and those guys.  Sometimes, I think I’m too honest, I told him that I wasn’t really attracted to them.  Then he was like that’s the difference between men and women.  If a man isn’t attracted to a woman there isn’t going to be a date.  I figured he was just being mean, but he was dead serious.  He said if he met an unattractive woman, despite how nice she was (there’s that word nice again) he’d never go out with her because they’d have nothing to talk about.

I’m totally the opposite.  What I’ve realized is that it is wonderful to be with someone who I find irrestible but if he can’t hold a conversation, has no sense of humor or is boring it wouldn’t last long, no matter how good he looked.  I’ve gone out with enough cute guys to realize that’s not all I’m looking for.  Is it wrong of me to be open to dating men who I don’t think are absolutely gorgeous?  He said it sounded like I was lowering my standards because I’m getting close of 30.  I told him that wasn’t true.  I just believe I’ve matured and now realize looks will fade, while personality won’t.  After all, isn’t that what’s most important?