Sitting here sighing as I’m about to type this.  So I went on a date with this guy I met online.  Gasp.  Yes, I admit I gave into the whole online dating craze.  It’s not that I don’t met men on the regular but I figured why not increase my options and branch out to meet some guys I wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to meet.

So, I met this guy online about a month ago.  After talking on the phone, for a few weeks he finally asked me out.  I figured it would be nice to finally meet to see if there were any sparks.  He’s definitely not my usual, well actually I guess he is when it comes to the basics.  He’s just one of those people who’s idea of going on vacation would be taking a trip to Baltimore or Philly.  Going into DC is a big deal for him eventhough he only lives 15 minutes outside of the city.  Shaking my head.

Since, he’s not used to going to non-chain restaurants he asked me for suggestions.  I suggested we meet in Chinatown because there are a lot of cool restaurants down there and I could easily get there from work.  After he turned down my suggestions for my favs like La Tasca and Zengo’s, I mentioned Matchbox because it was one of the only places I’d never been to in that area.  Besides, I knew he’d never been there because his favorite restaurants are Macaroni Grill and Cheesecake Factory.  When he looked up the menu and saw they had pizza, he got excited.

I got there early, because that’s just what I do.  Wish I would’ve known it was going to be a dry date because I would’ve at least ordered a drink while I was waiting to make the evening more entertaining.  So he shows up looking pretty much like his pictures but shorter and heavier than I expected.  Since Matchbox doesn’t accept reservations, we had to wait until a table was available.  I should’ve known the date was going to be interesting when 2 seats opened up at the bar and he was hesitant to sit down saying we should leave the seats for paying customers, or something to that effect. WTH? 

When the buzzer went off for us to be seated I got excited because it meant the sooner I was going to eat and the sooner I could get out of there.  Once we got to the table, he took off his jacket and I noticed he was wearing the same exact shirt he was wearing in all of his pics.  Another WTH moment. Come on now, he could’ve at least put on another shirt.

The waiters brings over the wine and food menus.  The guy quickly ordered an ice tea so I figured I’d follow his lead and ordered something non-alcoholic.  Matchbox is a trendy spot that is known for their cocktails, sliders and pizza.  I figured I’d keep it simple and order a small pizza.  My plans changed when he suggested we get a large and split it.  I don’t usually share food that you have to touch with someone on a first date, but I went along with it. I was hoping he’d offer to order an appetizer, since all we were having was pizza, or at least ask me if I wanted anything but once he ordered he shut the menu and handed it off.  Seriously, I couldn’t even order a $4 side salad?  It left me wondering why he was being stingy, he’s not a skinny guy so clearly he can eat.  Besides I’m sure he spends more at The Cheesecake Factory.

After dinner, the waiter asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu.  This fool is like “Umm no I don’t think so.”  I had enough of being agreeable so I was like actually I would like to see it.  Then he asked me if I usually order dessert.  I was thinking to myself, actually I do and?  So he goes on to say he wasn’t going to order anything but if I wanted something we could share it. WTH for the third time? We shared the pizza, I couldn’t order an appetizer nor an adult beverage, now you want to share a dessert too. Oh hell no!  After that comment, I was done.  I handed the dessert menu back to the server and was like thanks but I’m good.  I took a peak at the check it was only $28. Then this fool didn’t even leave a 20% tip.  How cheap can you be? 

Couldn’t believe he even had the nerve to keep saying, we should come back and even suggested what we should order the next time.  The whole time I was thinking that’s NEVER going to happen.  He offered to drive me or walk with me to my parking garage but when we were leaving and he didn’t even walk up to open the door leading out of the restaurant I knew the date was over so I politely declined.  He’s called, texted and even tried to gchat with me, but I’m not responding.

Just told my friend about this date and she couldn’t stop laughing. She was like you know you have to blog about it, like there was any doubt?  I swear my dating situations go from one extreme to the other.  We couldn’t figure out if this guy was being cheap or if he is just inexperienced when it comes to dating.  Maybe a mix of both.  If he were cuter maybe I could work with him but he’s not.  Besides I’m not in the mood to teach another man how to step his game up.  Oh well.  On to the next…