I don’t know why I seem to attract the wrong guys who always seem so perfect.  I’m always meeting great guys who have practically everything I’m looking for, plus more, but they always have the same issue of over thinking everything. 

I’ve encountered one too many guy who we’ve had a lot in common and were clearly into each other but before it could evolve into something it’s like he gets shook.  He starts overanalyzing the situation and pulls away.

Truthfully, I’ve seen my share of family members getting divorced so I’m in no rush to meet someone and jump into being married.  When I go out I rarely talk about past relationships or even mention the “M” word, because I’ve heard too many stories about guys getting scared away by women bringing up marriage or anything relating to it too soon.  It’s always the guy who brings up marriage and I typically answer nonchalantly, it’ll happen when it happens.

It’s like the guys I meet see that I have a lot to offer, I’ve even been told I’m a total package and a triple threat, and get scared at the thought of possibly finding the right one.  Although they say they’re looking to settle down it’s like the thought of it freaks them out.  It’s like they’re hoping for something to be wrong with me or that I’m full of drama, so they’ll have an excuse as to why things couldn’t work out.  Maybe it’s just these men in the 30-34 age range that I’ve been meeting lately who aren’t sure exactly what it is they’re looking for.  I’m so tired of the confusion.  If you instantly click with someone why not take a chance, what’s the worst that could happen?  Yes, it’s possible that things may not work out but unless you take that risk, you’ll never know what could’ve or should’ve happened.  I find it interesting that people always say women are so difficult and hard to read, men are just as hard, if not more, to figure out.