This week has been pretty uneventful.  I blogged a while ago about how several of my exes had been coming out of the woodwork trying to catch up.  So it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise when one of my exes from Business school sent me an email saying he was going to be in DC for the weekend and asked me out for dinner.

Currently, he lives between CA and Africa (for work).  I remember the reason for our break up being because of his lack of maturity and the fact that he rebeled against doing little things like giving me compliments, hey we all like to have our ego stroked once in a while.  He always said it was because he didn’t give me enough attention, that could’ve been a part of it.  After we broke-up, he was upset with me and I didn’t think he’d ever talk to me again.

Over the last week or so over email he jokingly said I broke his heart, which I’m sure there’s some truth to that.  We’ve all have our hearts broken and broken some hearts, guess that’s the way of the world.  I remember him being a bit of a slacker in grad school so it was kind of surprising to me that he ended up being the one with the successful job that allows him the travel the world, while my boyfriend after him (who was all the girls in grad school thought was a great catch) turned out to be at the bottom of the totem pole career-wise.

So fast forward, I ended up meeting him in Reston for dinner at a restaurant called Il Fornaio.  It was cool seeing him again, previously seeing him at NBMBAA conferences it had been awkward.  Needless to say after having an absolutely delicious meal (Tip: if you go there, ask for waitress Maria) and polishing off a bottle of wine the conversation turned lively.  He bashed me a little for how we broke up in grad school then said it was all water under the bridge and he wouldn’t bring up the past again.   We ended up going to a nearby bar to continue to conversation.  We talked about how I’ll be in San Francisco for a conference next month and he said he’d drive the hour from where he lives to take me out again, that should be fun. 

Not sure if I got that “reunited and it feels so good” feeling when we went out but he’s a cool guy.  I’m sure he’ll make someone happy.