Maybe it’s just me but I hate when I invite a friend to an event or activity and they invite someone else.  I have several circles of friends and I typically try to invite certain friends to certain places.  If it’s going to be a large group, it’s cool to invite others but if it’s something intimate, it’s only meant for select people.

I have one old friend from college who recently moved to DC along with her co-worker/new boyfriend.  Anytime I invite her somewhere she always brings him.  And it’s not like she says in advance oh by the way so and so is coming she’ll just pop up with him in tow.  I just find it a little awkward especially when everyone else is there stag.  It’s not that I have anything against her significant other but every event is not meant for everybody.  I was telling my Aunt about this and she said one of her girlfriends always brings her granddaughter with her whenever she invites her out somewhere.  Again every event is not meant for everybody.

Every few months I like to host themed potlucks for the girls at my place.  I’ll send out an evite inviting the girls and it never fails one of them will forward on the invite to another one of their friends.  If I had a large house, I’d be more receptive to it and say the more the merrier but I have a condo so I like to keep the number of people to a minimum so everyone can be comfortable.  Besides, I’m not fond of having strangers in my house or eating just anyone’s food.  I remember at one potluck my friend whom I’ve known since kindergarten decided to invite another girl, that I’ve also known since the ripe old age of 5.  We all used to be friends with the other girl when we were small but I haven’t really been cool with her in over 15 years.  What would possess my friend to invite this girl to my place when we’re not even friends?  Needless to say, the girl shows up empty-handed (to a potluck mind you) and has the nerve to be anti-social.  After that, I put a note in bold on my invites to not invite anyone without my permission.

Another offense…One of my girls has a friend who to put it nicely is known to be very promiscuous.  Don’t get me wrong her friend is a nice girl but I rather not be associated with someone who is known for smashing the homies.  Never fails she’ll invite this girl out and although I’ll act cool I’m always careful of the company I keep and I try to keep my distance.  Everyone knows DC is small and I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my reputation because of my girl’s loose friend.

With that said, I really wish people would be more considerate when they are invited to something.  If it’s an open invitation I would expect to be told that I could bring other people, if not I’d assume the invite was only for me, it’s a simple as that.