My Aunt and I are pretty close, even closer than I am with my Mother for certain reasons.  I typically talk to my Aunt a few times a week and occassionally, we’ll talk about my current love life or lack therof. 

Recently, I was telling her about my ex-boyfriend, the first boyfriend from college who I’ve been spending a lot of time with over the last few months.  She was like “Oh how is so & so doing, I’ve always liked him.”  He has a long-lasting effect on those he meets and he’s always been very charming.

My Aunt briefly told me about a guy she’s known for over 30 years and how she should’ve married him years ago but she was always looking for someone better to come along.  During that time while she owned a successful beauty supply store and has traveled the world, she’s still single.  Now she’s in her 60s, although you couldn’t tell by looking at her, and she’s never been married and never had any children.  She basically told me to stop waiting around for this ideal man because the person that is best for me may be right in front of my eyes.

It was something about our conversation that made me wonder, am I really looking past someone I’m destined to be with?  I guess I’m not really looking past him but I’ve always looked at our differences more than I focused on what we had in common.  He’s the only person I could call and ask if he wanted to go go-karting, to an opera, or to hob nob with and he’d say yes everytime.  The more I think about it, he’s always been there through my many relationships and has been a great friend to me.  Hmm maybe I should take her advice.