I went out the other night and was accosted by an African man and his friend at a lounge.  I don’t know what it is but African men, usually Nigerian or East African, are attracted to me.  There have been several occasions where they’ll approach me and talk about how they want to spoil me with all of the lavish things I could ever want.  While that would be nice, hey couldn’t we all use a sponsor (LOL), that’s not what I’m looking for.

I’d say 90% of my friends have said they’d never date an African man for a number of reasons. While I hate to generalize an entire group of people, every African man that I’ve met seems to possess similar qualities.  They can be very overbearing and refuse to accept “no” for an answer.  They can also be very touchy-feely, which is different from being affectionate.  I don’t like to be molested.  They’re nothing worse than having some random guy grab you around your waist and think that’s acceptable.  They tend to shower women with compliments and feel the need to tell you up front that they can provide for you financially.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but when I first meet someone I don’t want to know about what kind of car you drive nor how much you paid for your house.  Maybe that would impress some women, but I find it to be very pretentious and it’s an instant turn off.

At first, I thought they were just this way with American women but apparently they are the same way with all women.  I have friends who are African and most of them don’t even consider dating African men, which is strange because these men share the same qualities as their Fathers.  They can’t deal with their strong and controlling personalities.  I’m not the submissive type at all so I don’t know if I could see myself in a relationship a man who was born and raised in Africa.  

Ladies, have you had similar experiences with African men.  How did you handle it?  Have you ever been in a relationship with one?