I was having a conversation with one of my best friends from college talking about our usual.  The usual typically consists of many random conversations but always ends up with us catching up on our lives, which of course means a discussion on men.

We talked about out struggles when it comes to men and how we’re over dating men who are Greek.  I’ve said I wasn’t going to date anymore Alphas since things ended between me and my ex from college.  Yet, for some reason I seem to attract them, date them, and get into serious relationships and it always plays out the same way.  Guess I’m a glutton for punishment because I should’ve learned my lesson long ago. 

She was telling me about the Alpha in her life and the details behind why they are no longer on speaking terms.  Some thing told me to ask her about her roomie who was also dating an Alpha.  She said two weeks ago he told her he was still in love with his ex and that their relationship was over, everyone thought they were going to get married.  That is always the case with them for some reason.  I swear the drama with Alpha men never ends. 

From that naturally the conversation turned into my ex from college.  The conversation was flowing, then all of a sudden she got really quiet.  I was umm why are you being so quiet, so I asked her if my ex was engaged.  She found out from one of this prophytes and also from a LB (linebrother) of his.  It was like she was holding a deep dark secret from me and I could hear the relief in her voice when she finally got it out that he was getting married in August.  I hadn’t heard anything from him in over a year so I figured something was up.  She then proceeded to tell me about his fiancee and how she’s not cute along with some other faults that I’m not going to go into.  I could totally believe it because for some reason I had always imagined him marrying some regular girl, by that I mean an average-looking chick.  But isn’t that how it always works out?

Although, it’s been years (8 to be exact) since we broke up and I no longer harbor hard feelings toward him, I can’t help but feel some kind of way, it’s hard to explain.  Maybe, part of it is because he was the first guy who broke my heart.  I should’ve expected it since most of his LBs are now married it would only be a matter of time for him.  All I can say is I wish him and his fiancee the best of luck, and I hope he’s matured as a man.