I met this guy a few months ago, we went out on a few dates and each one we had an amazing time.  Next thing I know he kind of drops off, so I figured it was cool, his loss.  Despite my attempts at trying to get him out of my system by erasing his number, and blocking him on GChat and twitter it bothers me that I can’t completely cut him off like I usually do because I still see him at meetings, volunteering, and other social events.  DC is so small.  I know I say that all the time but it’s so true.

It doesn’t help that when I see him out at various happy hours or lounges, he’s typically had a few drinks so he’s more open with his feelings.  After going a few weeks without any contact, I ran into him one night while I was out.  Needless to say, he left the girl he was dancing with and followed me outside.  I guess I find it strange to know he’s still attracted to me despite his excuses as to why he’s put up this guard when it comes to me.  One excuse was he didn’t want to date anyone in the same organization (mind you we went on 3 dates, he should’ve thought about that before).  The second excuse was that he doesn’t want to hurt me because he’s a self-proclaimed “serial-dater.”  While I do appreciate his honesty, I can’t help but feel like he’s lying to himself. 

Eventually, I unblocked him on GChat, and shortly after he sent me a message to shoot the breeze.  He told me that he feels awkward around me.  I told him it was all in his mind, because I don’t believe in having drama, that’s not how I operate.  Being that we run in the same circles, it’s going to be impossible to avoid him, no matter how much I try.

The other night I saw him at a happy hour then he left to hang out with his boys who were celebrating the upcoming nuptials of one of their friends.  At 3AM on a Wednesday, this fool drunk dials me.  I haven’t been drunk dialed in years.  Me being the nice person that I am, since I couldn’t go back to sleep when he called for the 3rd time, I answered.  He went on to say he was drunk so I said I’d stay on the phone with him while his drunk a$$ drove home.  Why his friends let him drive home like that, I have no idea.  The whole time he was telling stories and asking me all kinds of random questions. It’s funny how alcohol seems to be a truth serum for some people.  Once he made it home and passed out in the car, I hung up. 

Again, me being the nice person that I am called him around  lunch time to see if he had recovered from his drunken stupor and to make sure he was okay.  He finally called me back that afternoon saying he didn’t remember anything from the previous night, or so he said, and he apologized for calling so late. 

Even now when I think about that situation, I’m mad that I even let myself care about him.  He says he’s wants to be friends but he continues to give me excuses as to why we couldn’t work out but when he sees me he flips the script.  If there’s one thing I can’t deal with it’s a confused man.   It leaves me to wonder why I even bother?