Everyone these days uses social media, whether is blogging (Blogger or WordPress), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace (I guess people still use that), YouTube, Bebo, etc.  I’ve become immersed in social media (SM) over the last year so much so I couldn’t imagine life without it. 

The best thing about social media is meeting and interacting with people who you would have otherwise never met.  I’ve gone to and hosted tweet-ups and met people I’ve tweeted with from a distance.  It’s always interesting to finally meet people face-to-face after talking to them for months.  You feel like they’re an old friend that you just haven’t seen in a while. 

On several occasions, I’ve been asked out and even gone out with a few guys I initially chatted with on Twitter.  Some were friends of a friend and we ended up meeting in person and the rest was history.  I remember always joking that Twitter wasn’t match.com or eharmony when I’d get DMs from guys trying to ask me out.  This is a new day and age and according to studies 1 in 5 people have dated someone they met online, I figured what the heck.

Through blogging I’m able to keep an online journal of my trials and tribulations as well as the randomness that makes my life unique.  If someone I’m dating asks if I have a blog or if I’m active on any SM platforms, I’ll tell them but I typically don’t share the URL or my usernames.  I feel as though although my blog is public, everything in it doesn’t need to be read by everybody.  Part of that is because some of the things I write could possibly hurt someone’s feelings but hey I’m just being honest.  I’ve always enjoyed writing so if I can write about something that comes natural to me, that others can relate to, I’m going to do it.

With social media making privacy virtually obsolete, it’s hard to met anyone who doesn’t have an online presence.  I admit that I google, practically everyone I meet, who doesn’t?  Google tells you alot about people and their interests, especially if they have a not so common name.  When I look myself up, I see a listing of various activities/organizations I’m a part of, press releases I’ve written, charitable events I’ve attended, etc. all of these things provides a positive perception into the kind of person I am.

In addition to being out there, occasionally people will stumble across my blog.  I’m fine with my friends and everyone else reading it, I have to admit it bothers me that my ex reads it on the regular.  He says he reads it to learn more about me, but I feel like he uses it as a gauge to determine my feelings for him.  Sometimes, I’ll start to tell him something and he’ll be like “Oh I read that in your blog.”  Other times, if something happens he asks if I’m going to write about it?  While, I appreciate the fact that he’s interested in knowing about all aspects of my life, I feel as though sometimes I have to censor myself simply because I know there’s a strong possibility he may read it which can make for awkward situations.

How do you feel about having someone you’re dating read your blog or follow your Twitter stream?  I’m not on Facebook (that’s a whole ‘nother story) but how do you feel about friending someone you’re dating?  Have you ever gone out with anyone you met online through a social media site (excluding dating sites)?