A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday by hosting a happy hour fundraiser for the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation.  I decided I wanted to treat my guests to cakepops, which are my dessert of choice these days.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I spent a few weeks trying to solicit my followers for their top picks.  Who knew it would be so hard to find a legit cakepop shop in DC?  By legit, I meant I was looking for a brick-and-mortar shop with a web presence that someone could actually vouch for.  I wasn’t interested in ordering from someone’s cousin’s best friend, just saying.

After, countless recommendations of people who made cakepops on the side (as their side hustle) or those who relied on a Facebook or Tumblr page for their “business”, I decided to reach out to The Cupcake Critic for her advice.  I told her exactly what I was looking for and she directed me to one place, Sweet Themez.  Once I went to their website, I knew I’d found the right place.
I called Sweet Themez and spoke with one of the owners. I simply told her what I wanted and when I needed the cakepops, she said ok and told me how much they’d be.  I didn’t even have to put down a deposit.  After all of that searching, this was too easy.

Fast forward to the Friday evening when I went to pick them up. Sweet Themez is located in the heart of Adams Morgan, right on 18th Street.  The parking gods were watching over me and I lucked out and found a parking space about a block away.  (One of the reasons I don’t frequent AdMo is because the parking situation over there is horrible.) The bakery is located near the Mexican restaurant Casa Oaxaca, if you know where that is.

Although the bakery was small, it was warm and inviting.  I was intrigued by the cupcakes displayed on the walls and those in the case on the counter.  I told the other owner I was there to pick up my cake pops and he came right out with them.  When he opened the box to show me the order, I smiled with delight.  They were absolutely perfect, and much larger than I imagined them to be, considering they were only $1.50 a piece.  They’d go great in the coordinating cakepop stand I designed. (It was so easy to make, I can share with you the how-to.)

I couldn’t wait to get home to sample one of each, I ordered red velvet and vanilla cake.  Both were equally delicious, but red velvet is always my cake flavor of choice.  The cake was incredibly moist and the candy-coating was just right, not too sweet and not too hard that it crumbled into pieces when you bite into it.

At the party, all of my guests seemed to enjoy the cakepops and we’ve been raving about them since.  If you’re looking for delicious cakepops for not a lot of money, I highly recommend Sweet Themez.  Great quality cakepops and impressive customer service, you can’t beat that.

Sweet Themez
2318 18th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009