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Thank you for visiting the home of She’s Savvy DC.  This blog was created a few years ago to share a listing of things to do, places to go, along with restaurant reviews with those who are either new to the Washington, DC area or those who’ve been here for a while who are constantly in search of something new.

While, I’m still on the go most of the time and love to post events with any and everyone who’s interested, I’ve spent less time posting events on this blog lately, for a number of reasons.  Honestly, the traffic has dwindled significantly since I moved it from Blogger to WordPress last year.  Also, although I share each and every post with my 2,600+ followers on Twitter, only a teeny tiny (I really mean small) percentage of my hits come from there.

As a result, I’ve begun to question whether my posting of events on this blog, Twitter, and Facebook, are still relevant?  It’s always nice to receive a tweet, a blog comment, or even an email once in a while from someone saying thank you for letting them know about an event or providing my honest feedback about a restaurant.  It’s also great when someone contacts me privately for suggestions on where they should take a friend who’s in town or where they should host a dinner party for a large group in a certain part of town.  It feels good to be thought about as someone who’s a go to person for not only her friends but to others in the social media realm.

At this point, I’ve been questioning whether I should even continue to try to cultivate this blog if it’s not as much of a resource as I thought it was, or as much as it used to be.  Don’t worry, if I decide against it, I’ll still be around in some form or fashion. 

Feel free to email me at shessavvy @ gmail.com if you have questions about things to do or if you have an event you’d like me to promote to my Twitter and Facebook followers/fans (precedence goes to events promoting charitable causes).  Additionally, I’m always interested in attending events, from venue openings to charity galas and will live tweet and publicize the event in various capacities. 

Feel free to follow me here twitter.com/shessavvy or facebook.com/shessavvy